Frequently Asked Questions
What is Imprimo
What is Imprimo and why should I join?
Who is Imprimo for?
Who is behind Imprimo?
Why haven’t I heard of Imprimo before?
Can I sell my art on Imprimo?
How can I use Imprimo to promote my work? How will it help my career?
I’m an emerging artist. How will Imprimo benefit me?
I’m an established artist with a large catalogue. How will Imprimo benefit me?
How do I set up my Imprimo account?
How do I set up my profile?
Why do I have to verify my identity to create a public profile?
How do I upload my artwork to Imprimo?
How do I know if I have the right to upload a work?
How do I update my CV?
Does Imprimo support other languages?
How do I get a verified check mark on Imprimo?
Imprimo is not allowing me to upload my works, what should I do?
I think my account has been compromised, what should I do?
Someone else has claimed my works on Imprimo, what should I do?
How do I cancel my subscription?
I reactivated my account. Why isn’t my profile visible?
Certificates of Creation and Blockchain
How does Imprimo use blockchain?
What is a Certificate of Creation? What information does it contain? What can I do with it?
How will Imprimo protect my work?