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My work explores the morphing process of growth and our general resistance to it. From imprisonment to liberation. The unbounded and embrace.
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Canadian artist Serge V. Richard was born in St-Louis-de-Kent and currently resides in Kedgwick, New Brunswick. Richard graduated with a major in graphic arts from Holland College in Prince Edward Island and continued his studies at the Université de Moncton. During the first fifteen years of his fine art career, Richard concentrated on figurative acrylic paintings and large-scale drawings. The year 2000 saw a shift towards abstraction and a more intuitive approach to his art. In particular, his series “Enveloppé d’une fragilité humaine” (“Wrapped in human frailty”) exemplified a more fluid style that emerged based on his inner life. In the following years, Richard turned to photography and sculpture to convey his artistic message. He regularly exhibits his work in in New Brunswick, ...

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