Imprimo is the
LinkedIn for
the visual arts

we are a digital platform where artists can document their journey, present their CV and portfolio, and automatically register their claims to copyright ownership to the blockchain.

We believe in trusted information to protect your work, simplify your business admin, and create opportunities for everybody.

We support established artists with complex cataloguing needs and emerging artists seeking a professional online presence and art-world connections.

Imprimo’s vision is to create meaningful connections between artists, galleries, and art lovers.

What challenges are artists facing?

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Artwork Management?
Graphic of a bullseye
Making connections with galleries, art dealers, and patrons?
Work, Work, Work
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Copyright Protection?
Complicated Work
Simplify your career management with Imprimo

How does Imprimo help you?

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Create and maintain your digital presence in a cost-effective way
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Simply organize your career with easy to use tools
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Get discovered by buyers, galleries and licensees
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Reduce your administrative tasks
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Enhance copyright claims
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Make your exhibitions more engaging

What can you do on Imprimo?

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Present yourself professionally online
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Manage your portfolio
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Create a certificate of creation for your works
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Record your copyright claims on the blockchain
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Present your CV dynamically
Screenshot of managing your portfolio
Tell the story of your artistic journey
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Use QR Codes to increase engagement during your exhibitions


Basic Plan
  • Publish a verified artist profile
  • Publish an unlimited amount of artworks including Creation Stories and Timelines
  • Record your work on the blockchain
  • Create and manage your living CV
  • Download unlimited QR codes for artworks
  • Download unlimited Certificates of Creation for your works
Premium Plan
  • All of the Basic Plan features
  • Create custom private or public collections
  • Create and download custom CVs
  • Create custom URLs for your Imprimo profile
  • Bulk upload all your artwork in one click
  • More features to come!

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