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Wendy A. Thomas is an artist based in Montreal
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In my semi-abstract paintings, I explore scale and perception. The compositions I find in my often overlooked urban environment raise questions about random actions, meaning and understanding, and unexpected beauty. Long shadows cast by gravel on a sidewalk create worlds of multiple interpretations, and scratches and dents on the walls of pedestrian overpasses testify to unknown intervention. Likewise, we are changed by random actions, the causes of which are often not revealed to the world. Dans mes peintures semi-abstraites, j'explore l'échelle et la perception. Les compositions que je trouve dans mon environnement urbain, souvent négligé, soulèvent des questions sur les actions aléatoires, le sens et la compréhension, et la beauté inattendue. De longues ombres projetées par du gravier sur un trottoir créent ...

aerial inspiration
urban infrastructure
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