Digital Signatures

Imprimo wants artists to spend time making art, not admin, and art enthusiasts to know they can approach artwork with confidence. Today, one of the big challenges for artists is digitally protecting their copyright online. Digital Signatures are one of the tools Imprimo provides to help.

Imprimo Digital Signatures uses RSA encyption and a SHA certificate hashing on every artwork on the Imprimo service. These encrypted Digital Signatures are locked and unlocked by using the artist's private and public keys respectively, which are provided as part of their Imprimo subscription.

Verifying an Artwork's Digital Signature

Anyone interested verifying a Digital Signature can do so using online tools easily found on the web that will decrypt (unlock) the signature. To do so you'll need the following information found on every artwork on Imprimo:

  • The artwork's digital signature
  • The artwork's JSON value (a cleartext code representing all the properties of the artwork)
  • The artists public key
Where to find digital signature information
Figure 1 - An example of an artwork's digital signature on Imprimo

There are a number of onlines tools that will let you decrypt the signature, but we suggest this online verification tool.

Using the suggested verification tool from above, please follow the steps in order:

  1. Make sure Verify Signature is selected at the top of the form.
  2. At the bottom of the form under RSA Signature Algorithms, change the option to “SHA256withRSA”.
  3. Copy and paste the public key in the Public Key field.
  4. Copy and paste the Artwork JSON data in the ClearText Message field
  5. Copy and paste the signature value in the Provide Signature Value (Base64) field
  6. A message should automatically appear in the Signature Output field:
    • if the signature is valid, it should read “Signature Verification Passed”
    • if the signature failed, it should read “Signature Verification Failed”